The Pandemic Shopper: Consumer Packaged Goods & Covid-19 Research & Analysis

Apr 23, 2021

With the pandemic having impacted everything from supply chains to disposable income, the “new normal” is still affecting many sectors of the economy, including the multi-billion dollar world of Shopper Marketing. Understanding what drives purchasing in this environment is critical for individual CPG brands, as well as the retail grocery and drugstore chains that distribute them. 

Leveraging data from a survey of over 48,000 American adult consumers, our new report, “The Pandemic Shopper” provides crucial marketing insights on:

  • Who’s still 100% brand-loyal, and who is open to trying new products — and therefore ripe for new user acquisition (the results may surprise you).
  • How new health concerns related to the pandemic are shifting shopping behaviors in interesting ways; and how pandemic and post-pandemic era consumers are focusing on staying healthy, not just Covid-free.
  • The importance of acquiring user data and having direct access to individual consumers via email, SMS, and other channels in order to “own the relationship” and increase spending.

Download the report today, and then schedule a meeting with one of our CPG customer acquisition specialists to learn more about how What If Media Group can help you identify and acquire in-market CPG shoppers at scale in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

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