Reaching an audience of millions of consumers daily, ARIA powers a broad variety of high-impact solutions to achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to acquire first-party data, drive consumers into unique marketing funnels, or get qualified customers on the phone, What If Media Group can help.

Customer Acquisition Methods


Get Consumers to Take the Actions You Need

Drive qualified, high intent traffic to your websites, landing pages, lead generation forms, and more.

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Our carefully curated websites are visited by over 1 million consumers daily; we boast one of the largest opt-in email databases in the country; and we also utilize push notifications and SMS to get you the audience you need and inspire them to respond to offers.

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Acquire First Party Data Straight from the Source

First-party data is the most coveted currency in today’s digital advertising landscape. Whether looking to grow your database for your email marketing campaigns, or if you’re in need of quality data for custom audience targeting, millions of Americans opt-in to hear from our advertisers on a 1:1 basis.


Acquire a high volume of permission-based opt-ins and plug them directly into your funnel.

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High Touch for High Value

The highest value products and services often require the highest touch form of marketing. Our Voice solutions enable marketers to quite literally speak with consumers at scale both on an inbound and outbound basis, via IVR or direct connections to live agents.

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Voice solutions enable direct connections via IVR and live agents to talk consumers through specific product details, answer questions, assuage concerns, and close high value sales.

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What Can We Help You Achieve?

Let us show you how leveraging our proprietary media, AI, data science and our highly custom campaigns are redefining performance marketing and generating outstanding customer acquisition for brands.

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