Survey Suggests Resurgence of the American Road Trip

Feb 1, 2024


Here’s a statistic that would make Clark Griswold proud: according to The American Survey (powered by What If Media Group), a quarter of Americans plan to take a vacation somewhere within the US in 2024, and 63% will travel exclusively by car.


Americans Looking to Vacation within the US by Car


Americans Looking to Vacation Abroad

What accounts for the road trip fever? One possible factor is the falling price of gas — down 26% since September 18th — which vacationers may see as a cost-saving opportunity. Interestingly enough, average airfare in US cities is currently lower than it was leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 (based on data from December 2023), so airlines themselves are not obviously to blame.

As it stands, 5% of Americans are planning international trips in the coming year, the most popular destinations being Europe and the Caribbean. Luxury cruises and transatlantic flights certainly have their place, but the numbers are a clear reminder that America’s nostalgic and frugal soul still rides on four wheels.

If you live in a popular travel destination or somewhere along the way to one, take heed: Wagon Queen Family Trucksters in Metallic Pea may already be on their way.


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Data reported by The American Survey is based on 26,622 responses in January 2024 from our 500,000 daily users polled randomly across the United States, giving us a 99% confidence level with a margin of error of +/-1%. To learn more about this survey or how our surveys can help you, contact:

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