Super Bowl Viewers Reject Gambling, Fast-Food

Feb 8, 2024

They’re putting all their chips on homemade dips!

Sports betting apps are geared up to spend over $1 billion on Super Bowl-related advertising this weekend — but don’t let that number deceive you. According to The American Survey (powered by What If Media Group), 83% of Americans have no interest in any gambling activities related to the big game.


Will NOT be Gambling on Super Bowl LVIII


Plan to Order Delivery / Takeout for Super Bowl LVIII

A deluge of ads in recent years for companies like DraftKings and FanDuel has many wondering whether sports media is complicit in breeding a new generation of gambling addicts. While trends in youth gambling are certainly cause for concern, less than 10% of our respondents plan to bet on the Super Bowl through a sports betting app — the same number that will participate in social betting games like “squares.”

Equally surprising is that only 24% of viewers intend to order-in food for the occasion. Though scarfing down boxes of pizza and wings remains a Super Bowl staple for nearly a quarter of our respondents, far more Americans (57%) prefer to watch the broadcast over food prepared at home. 14% of viewers have no intention of snacking at all. 

Come Sunday, fast food companies and online sportsbooks will eagerly fork over $7 million for every thirty seconds of ad time. But, regardless of the ever-more-expensive commercial onslaught and what it seems to communicate about the state of our culture, most Americans remain content with a simple evening and a home-cooked meal.


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Data reported by The American Survey is based on at least 13,500 responses from our 500,000 daily users polled randomly across the United States, giving us a 99% confidence level with a margin of error of +/-1%. To learn more about this survey or how our surveys can help you, contact:

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