Stop Asian Hate

Mar 19, 2021

What if Media Group condemns hateful speech and actions. In light of the horrific shootings in Atlanta, we want to reiterate that our company is opposed to xenophobia and racism, and that we stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.  We are committed to the multi-cultural perspectives that come from a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. 

We want to draw particular attention to honoring the well-being & safety of Asians & Pacific Islanders in light of the growing violence in this country. What If has committed $10,000 to Stop AAPI Hate, a 4-star charity that combats racism and hate directly affecting Asians and Pacific Islanders. Our contribution supports and honors these communities.

The following resource will help all of us to combat Anti-Asian discrimination

Stop AAPI hate here:

For an additional resource on Anti-Asian violence, please reference 

Let’s Stop the Hate!

Josh Gillon and Seth Gottlieb 

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