Dec 10, 2020

Depending on your perspective, the landscape for digital media companies has never looked better—or worse. Existing trends such as the shift towards cord-cutting have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a potential boom environment for streaming providers.

Traditional written-word content delivered via the web and email, meanwhile, has been experiencing massive disruption for decades — but our data suggests that despite lingering privacy concerns, consumers are finally admitting to being on the receiving end of more relevant content and ad experiences.

In this new, in-depth research report from performance marketing leader What If Media Group, nearly 30,000 Americans were surveyed in order to find out:

  • How many Americans “cut the cord” in 2020; how many plan to do so in the year ahead; and which services they’ll be adding and cutting from their households (the numbers are huge and may shock you!)
  • How much Americans are willing to spend on content and how many subscriptions they have, whether for video (steaming services) or written-word content (email and online publications).
  • Consumer perceptions of digital advertising — including encouraging signs that data-driven marketing is yielding greater ad effectiveness for marketers and more relevancy for consumers.

Download our free report now for all of our findings and ensure that you are in the know of the very latest trends and developments when it comes to today’s rapidly evolving media landscape.

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