Inflation’s Impact on Consumer Spending

Jul 9, 2023

Growing concerns about inflation in the U.S. have captured the attention of economists, policymakers, and consumers alike. Rising prices across various sectors have ignited discussions about its potential long-term impact on consumer spending habits.

In a recent interview with CNBC, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed optimism about the future of the economy. She noted that inflation is expected to dwindle in the coming years, allowing consumers to return to their regular spending patterns.

Motivated by Secretary Yellen’s positive outlook, we surveyed more than 10,500 US consumers to gain insight into how inflationary pressures within the grocery category were impacting their overall spending habits. The results of the survey shed light on the current state of affairs:

  • 73% of respondents reported witnessing a noticeable increase in the price of grocery items
  • 87% of respondents have reduced their overall spending as a direct consequence of the rising prices in the grocery category


Noticed Increase in Price of Grocery Items


Reduced Overall Spending due to Rising Prices

While Secretary Yellen’s optimism is a glimmer of hope for many Americans who have been grappling with the financial consequences of inflation, it is important to acknowledge the impact of inflation on consumer spending, particularly within the grocery category. The survey results indicate that a majority of Americans have observed a notable increase in grocery prices and have consequently reduced their overall spending. These findings highlight the need for continued vigilance and strategic planning by individuals, businesses, and policymakers as they navigate the challenges posed by inflation.


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