Has Taylor Swift Worn Out Her Welcome?

Nov 7, 2023

Football fans have had enough of Taylor Swift. A month into her romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the NFL and its affiliate networks have not been shy in offering their viewers coverage of the billionaire pop superstar — during Swift’s second game in attendance, the broadcast cut to her 17 times — in an effort to tap a previously untapped market. But according to an October 30th poll of 16,000 random Americans via The American Survey (powered by What If Media Group), viewers are over it. Though they may adore her music, the share of Americans who say they want to see less of Swift in their football coverage is an overwhelming 89.3%.


Want to See Less of Taylor Swift on NFL (Overall)


Want to See Less of Taylor Swift on NFL (Ages 31-40)

At some point between a lighthearted SNL sendup on October 14th and Mile High Stadium blasting “Shake It Off” after the Chiefs upset road loss on October 29th, the “Traylor” media obsession lost most of its audience’s goodwill. It’s not just the men — data shows only a 1% difference between men’s and women’s reported Taylor-fatigue. And although Kansans and Missourians remain among the least disillusioned by the Swift inundation, a resounding 85.9% and 83.8% want to see less of her, respectively.

The NFL and its networks may have flown too close to the sun too quickly, and when they realize it, they will surely make adjustments. But until “Traylor” no longer represents a conspiracy-theory-worthy market opportunity for the league, football fans may be forced to endure even more red lipstick, luxury suite reactions, and quite possibly a multi-platinum breakup record.


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