Anura’s Game-Changing Impact: Elevating Web Traffic Quality at What If

Mar 7, 2024

At What If Media Group, maintaining high-quality web traffic is crucial for our clients’ satisfaction and therefore, our success. As our digital footprint has expanded, so has the complexity and volume of our third-party traffic. The integrity of this traffic has necessarily become a priority, as high volumes of poor-quality traffic can severely impact campaign effectiveness and client trust.

Our primary goal in implementing Anura on our sites was to keep the percentage of our “bad” traffic below a 5% threshold while simultaneously increasing overall sessions from third-party sources. We needed to:

  • Identify and mitigate low-quality traffic sources efficiently.
  • Maintain and improve session quality without sacrificing volume.
  • Increase third-party revenue-per-registration while ensuring traffic integrity.

Anura’s ad fraud solution has met these challenges readily. The granular insight Anura provides allows us to make informed decisions quickly when a source starts to deviate from our quality standards. This efficiency has allowed us to scale our third-party buys with confidence.

Amount of sessions run through Anura

“Anura was a game-changer for us,” said Andrew Klayman, Chief Sales Officer at What If Media Group. “The clarity it’s given us to assess and act on traffic quality metrics has been priceless. It makes our team more confident, it makes our company more efficient, and it keeps our clients happy.”

Anura has had a measurable impact on business. Since implementation, we’ve been able to increase our third-party sessions eight-fold, from 1 million to 8 million sessions. Even while scaling up sessions, we have consistently kept “bad” traffic under the 5% threshold.

Additionally, our third-party revenue-per-registration has seen a notable increase — an improvement directly attributable to the higher quality of traffic.

Third-party Rev/Reg per month

Anura has become indispensable to What If Media Group’s marketing infrastructure. By providing detailed, real-time evaluations of traffic quality, Anura has enabled us to scale our operations while meeting and even surpassing our own high standards for quality — in short, it’s the performance marketing dream scenario.

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