A Trump-less Debate: Pointless or Pivotal?

Aug 25, 2023

Let the debates begin!

Donald Trump’s absence from the debate stage Wednesday night offered his challengers the chance to make an impression. Or did it? Prior to the debate, What If Media Group asked 17,000 Americans via The American Survey whether they planned to tune in… only 15.4% said yes.


Planned to Watch the 1st GOP Debate


Consider Picking a New Candidate Based on Debate

But that doesn’t mean the stakes were low.

Most people weren’t watching in real time, but nearly 40% of Republican viewers told us they would consider picking a new preferred candidate based on first debate performance. Younger voters are especially impressionable. In fact, over half of our respondents under 25 years old said they were willing to change their minds going into Wednesday night — Republicans and Democrats.

The exact shape of the 2024 presidential race remains unclear. One thing that is clear? The entire world will be watching.

…Even if they won’t literally be watching.

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